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Hai ^^

Just found this community the other night. Sounded interesting. So if you all don't mind here's my little intro.

I like gas masks of course. :) My character is a western dragon/basilisk mix. I draw, but not that great.

I'm 19, live in Washington, and attend several furry cons, mostly all on the western side of the US. Ever since becoming a furry about 2 or 3 years ago I have been the luckiest person I believe, I have met the nicest/coolest friends I could ever ask for. I've been told I'm one of the nicest people someone has ever met. I love making friends and meeting new people and traveling around.

I like just about anything with tripp/rave pants, glow sticks, and chezburgers.. XD

I'm not into 'yiffy' art or writings at all.

Thanks for reading.. ^^() Hope you like meh!
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