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Lil Fennen/Spider saying Hi!!

Hi there,

Thought since i joint this community i would say a little about myself ^,,^

My real life self

I'm a 23 year old software support technician from the UK is a small city called Exeter. I currently live with my girlfriend in a shared house untill she is better (she is currently going threw alot right now) but hopefully once that's out of the way we will be moving into our own home. 

My furry side

Im a five foot tall fennec/spider mix.....Yeah its a bit different but its me ^,,^ im rather bouncy and like to have fun talking with other people and like to catch up with my friends. If your thinking "what the heck does a spider fennec look like?!?!?" then i got a few links for you to have a gander at ^,,^
     As for my distinguished features.... I have two needle like fangs that do have a paralyzing venom, a red hourglass marking on my tailbase, a spider marking on my lower back that runs up to my legs, arms and back of ears. Also my tail is very different. Each hair on my tail is hollow and threw them i secrete silk to make a sticky/strong/gummed silk which creates a film over my tail fur (think of when you pull out a film of clingfilm/saran wrap)

As promised here are a few links to pics of me, my furaffinity and my contacts ^,,^
http://arazia.deviantart.com/art/Kitt-Spidox-conbadge-74290194 (one of my badges)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/988786/ (my character sheet)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1038613/ (another badge)
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kittspidox/ (my furaffinity account......which doesnt have much on it ^,,^;; )
MSN: kittphox@hotmail.co.uk
AIM: kittphox
Gmail: kittphox@gmail.com

Please feel free to message me or add me to your LJ friends as i`m lonely and would really like to have more people to chat with on LJ and off LJ ^,,^
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