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My name is Owlisssh but you could call me "Lisssh" for short if that is any easier! I found the furry fandom through IRC a few months ago where I started as an anthro feline, but recently came to realize that I'm much better suited as an anthro were owl. A Northern Great Horned Owl to be all specific and stuff.
This is my first livejournal although I am no stranger to computers and the Internet. I am hoping to make some friends here of all sorts but especially the furry or feathered or scaled or whatever kind!
Ummmm...... I don't really know what else to add. Oh! I'm a Canadian from Canadialand, that's a good point to add. Ummmm........ I have a strong love of various cheeses and mustards for some reason.
Feel free to ask me anything or add me or whatever. I'm an open book.
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